Edmonton Construction Update

Edmonton Construction UpdateOctober 2023 A history maker. This building is a first for the district of Canada to be built from the ground up A once humble place– soon transformed into a beautiful sanctuary where God is worshipped. Here are the current updates of the ongoing construction of the Edmonton house of worship.

Saskatoon Evangelism

Saskatoon EvangelismMembers of the PMCC (4th Watch) Saskatoon make time at their local market to witness and testify of the love of God.

Montreal Food Drive

Montreal Food DriveThe PMCC (4th Watch) of Montreal conducts a Food Drive in their neighbourhood.

Toronto Frontliners

Toronto FrontlinersAt the peak of the pandemic, the ones who stepped up to the challenges were our medical frontliners. The PMCC (4th Watch) of Toronto representatives made their way to downtown Toronto to serve lunch to the St. Joseph Health Centre’s staff.

Winnipeg Evangelism

Winnipeg EvangelismBrethren of all ages preach the gospel in various areas in the city of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Food Bank

Winnipeg Food BankThe PMCC (4th Watch) Winnipeg brethren join in community outreach efforts by bringing support to their local food bank.

Calgary Community Outreach

Calgary Community OutreachThe Local Church of Calgary joined together to volunteer and partnered with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup in Edworthy Park.

Vancouver Support for Frontliners

Vancouver Support for FrontlinersThe Vancouverites worked hand-in-hand to express our appreciation to the labor of love of our front-line workers, particularly in Richmond Hospital. The church also visited and brought some groceries at Richmond Food Bank.

Calgary Evangelism

Calgary EvangelismYoung people and adults in Calgary, given to the preaching of the gospel–the core of our outreach in the community.

North Edmonton Evangelism

North Edmonton EvangelismThe heart of our outreach efforts is for the salvation of people, with that very purpose, believers evangelize in the different parts of Edmonton.