January 30-31
Apostolic Missionary Day 2022 during the weekend of January 29-30 marked the first set of in-person subdistrict events since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic here in Canada. The Spirit of the resilient leadership of the Apostle in his church was evident where the churches throughout Eastern, Western and Central subdistrict conveened to celebrate the life and the resilient leadership of our brother and Apostle Arsenio Tan Ferriol, the Goodman of the House. The churches throughout Canada celebrated the classic way 4th Watchers would celebrate; in the Spirit of Fellowship and God Glorifying Worship The esteemed Presbyters, Presbyter Joseph Concepcion spoke for both the Eastern Subdistrict and Western Canadian churches in Alberta while Presbyter Isabel Obsanga preached for both the Central Subdistrict and the Western Canadian churches in British Columbia God has capped off the start of the year with a bang and with a taste of bigger events to come Praise The Lord!